Starting in 1867, Joseph Audet opened a grocery store called Joseph Audet & Son. It was the first in Coaticook where people could self serve. The photograph below dates from 1890, we can see the creator of the store and his family.

Since 1910, working safely has been our priority. Located in Magog, our company stands out through our customer service and products. A few years ago, we decided to put our ideas together and create J.AUDET JR line; high quality products & CANADIAN.

From father to son, the Audet family has kept this name. Our father, Charles-André Audet, having worked all his life in the field of security, bequeathed us the most beautiful legacy in our eyes; the value of the work. He has always shown us that it is important to work hard to succeed. And we are very grateful.

We are the sixth generation, we have the honour to represent our family and our ancestors, by disclosing our core values; family, trust and honesty.

Looking forward to working as a team with you.

Thank you for trusting us for several years,

Charles-Olivier, Xavier & Sara-Maude Audet


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